DP2 sound barrier

Noise barrier

The aluminum structure of the DP2 noise barrier maximizes durability and minimizes maintenance costs. 

The aluminum used is the same as the one used in the aerospace industry.

That makes the structure solid, flexible and durable.

Several kinds of infills can be inserted into the structure.

The most used infills are :

  • The white pine for its high sound attenuation capacity and low cost.
  • The aluminum panel for its appearance and longevity.


Technical specifications

Product : DP-2

Manufacturer : Alcuf

Height : 2.4 to 3.6 meters

Standard infill : White pine

Standard color: Black

Option (s):

  • Extruded aluminum panel infill
  • Western red cedar infill
  • Custom infill
  • Other colours for the aluminum structure

Manufacturer : Alcuf