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Fences and barriers around swimming pools are indispensable. It is mainly with them that we can limit access to the pool area.

You will find all the useful information here : http://www.perfectswimming.com/en/controlling-access

According to Canadian fencing industry standards, the depth to be reached is 4 feet (1.2 meters). This depth may vary depending on the type of soil encountered and the type of fence installed.

  • Chain link: 2-4 weeks
  • Ornamental : 4-6 weeks
  • Wood : 4-6 weeks

Regulations varies from one city to another. You have to check with your city before hiring a fence contractor.

  • The fence installer is not qualified to inform you about the limits of your land.
  • Legally, the surveyor is the only person who can tell you if the work you want to undertake will be well located on your land.
  • The location certificate is not a tool with which the fence installer can work to certify that the fence will be well located on your land.
  • In order to avoid litigation with your neighbors, having your land surveyed by a recognized surveyor is essential.
  • The location of the public underground utilities must be done by your fence installer through the Info-Excavation organization
  • The location of the private underground ducts, such as wires for outdoor lighting, heat pump hose, swimming pool hose etc., must be located by you before the start of the drilling work. You must indicate the presence of these to your installer in order to avoid damages.